That time of the month

“Menstruation” comes from the latin word “mensis” which means month. I should know this because I studied Latin for 5 years but, let’s be honest, and no offense, it’s a dead language and unless you live in the Vatican city and/or read old books by Cicero or Livio every other day, you can live a decent life without it.

Interesting to see that I can digress even while writing. Back to the main topic, they say menstruation is a taboo, “forbidden” to talk about because it’s something dirty, embarassing, impure.

Now, since this is my personal space and it’s not a taboo for me, I would like to talk about it. I hate getting my period when I have important meetings on my agenda, I hate getting my period while I’m traveling, especially if I have to take a long haul flight and I hate getting my period the day before my one week holiday.

Why? Because my whole body doesn’t belong to me but to an association of hormones on summer break. Just a quick example: I went to see my friend one day, when she opened the door she asked me “what’s wrong with your face?” “what about it? oh, I just got my period”. FYI I looked as pale as a zombie with dark eye circles and generally speaking not a great look for a first date. When it’s that time of the month I just want to curl up in bed and disappear from this world. Hopefully until I wake up again hugged by a rainbow of macarons.

Back to what happened to me the other day. In case you are not interested in this topic feel free to move to the next story.

Sitting at my desk I started to have really bad cramps, this usually happens on the very first day. So I got up and started to walk up and down in the office hoping that this sort of “stomachache” would just leave me alone at some point. However the cramps got worse and my legs were tired of walking nosense. I felt like laying on the floor or kneeling down in “child pose” as I had been taught during yoga class. But that was not an option.

Back at my seat I closed my eyes, elbows on the desk, I put both knuckles of my index fingers in the little space between my eyes and my nose. “this too shall pass”, “it’s not the end of the world”, “it’s just for few minutes”. “being a woman is a gift, being a woman is magical” I repeated to myself.

After a while the pain was still there so I looked for some relaxing music on Youtube, found this one: ★ Menstrual Cramp Relief ★ Pain Relief Isochronic Binaural Beat (ASMR) so, for someone like me who had watched a couple of videos of ASMR I was expecting a girl whispering soft words into my ears, my expectations were very low.

What actually caught my attention was the list of comments below the video, mostly by women sharing their pain and supporting each other. So here I was, reading and nodding at some of them thinking “oh I’m not the only one!”

  • currently on the toilet lol cant tell the difference between needing to poop my organs out of just rlly bad cramps
  • “Anyone else get both cold and hot when they’re cramping?? I need both a fan and heating pack!”
  • “if I cant handle this how can I handle pushing a whole baby”
  • “Let all the men experience this at least one whole year and they will never open their mouth to say women are weak….I shall curse them this.”
  • “My stomach feels like a washing machine”

The point is, and I do have one, if you’re a woman please remember you are not alone, hang it there and I highly recommend this relaxing video 3 HOURS of GENTLE NIGHT RAIN, if you’re a man: thank you for reading the whole post and please believe us when we say “it hurts and you will never understand” same as we will never understand how much it hurts to get kicked in the balls. it’s ok, we don’t need to compare. unless you get kicked constantly for hours once a month. but still, I wouldn’t understand, would I?

To be continued..

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